David Stahl

Obituary of David Stahl

Today we have many sad and grieving hearts with the loss of a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a best friend to us all, Grandpa David. His lovely wife, Elizabeth, will miss him the most. God bless her dear heart and comfort her in these sad days, strengthen and assure her that all will be well until they meet again.

We all offer him our best wishes as he meets his Lord and Saviour, and his pre-deceased loved ones including his parents Paul and Suzanne, siblings Paul (Elizabeth), Rebecca (Darius), twin Joshua, Susanna (John), and Sarah, and brother-in-law Jacob (Elizabeth). He is free from the pain and suffering of his aging body which served him well throughout the years.

His outstanding character and personality was always a joy and pleasure to be in company with. He loved the Lord Jesus with all his heart, praying without bounds.

Grandpa David had a life with many great qualities, teaching us all how to live better by respecting each other no matter our differences.

He showed us that the goal isn’t to live forever in this world but to create something that will, such as the memories we leave behind in the present moment when we laugh together, eat together, and pray together. He was a firm believer that we are all God’s family, and that forgiveness and unconditional love are the way to heaven.

To our beloved Grandpa, we must now let you go with the Lord, and we know that you would not have it any other way. Our tears of grief and joy will continue to flow and our hearts will miss you forever as we go through life with your memory by our side. Your beautiful smile and your words of wisdom will linger on and be a guiding light for us all.

David is survived by:
His wife Elizabeth.
5 children: Esther, Jacob (Leslie), Ed (Maria), Pepper
(Suzanne), and Linda (Rob).
10 grandchildren: Austin, Olivia, Jacob, Corrine, Brendan,
Lorissa, Desiree (Lane), Kalan, Destanee, and Brody.
1 great-grandchild: Amara.
7 Brothers: Darius (Sarah), Jacob (Katie), Joshua (Susie),
Joseph (Mary), Andy (Anna), Mike (Judy), John.
5 Sisters: Rachel (Joseph), Elizabeth (John), Annie O (Dave),
Dora (Michael), Mary (Leonard)

He also leaves behind numerous nephews, nieces, cousins, and friends, of which are greatly appreciated despite not mentioning all their names.

Cheers Pops.
The sun shines on your side.
God bless you.

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